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Home Seller’s Motivation Equals Home Buyer’s Advantage

If planning to buy a home, understanding the home seller’s motivation may equal an advantage to the home buyer. Of course we all know home sellers are motivated to sell, otherwise their home wouldn’t be on the market. But, how often have we heard this same old worn out sales pitch, “Motivated Seller Ready to Sell Now!” It’s an overused phrase and gives buyers no real helpful information to leverage later. If we want to buy a home at a good price, it might sometimes be helpful know what is really behind the home seller’s motivation.

Discover the Truth of the Home Seller’s Motivation

What is the real reason for selling the home? If you’re a prospective home buyer and want the best deal possible, it’s a good idea to break down the home sellers motivation and discover the truth. Knowing what button to push when writing an offer, or during future negotiations, could help lead to a successful home purchase. This might be especially helpful if it’s a seller’s market.

I thought all home seller's were "Motivated?"

Some home sellers won’t easily give up their true reason for selling. Oh sure, there are the typical reasons such as job transfer, growing family, or an empty nest. In fact, the seller could be desperate to sell immediately, yet may act as if there’s no rush. Other sellers make no bones about their motivation, but sometimes these homes are already priced below market value. Sure, the successful buyer will earn a little instant equity if they manage to buy a home priced below market value, but it’s also possible the competition to buy may be stiff. It’s possible, even though the home is listed below market value, it could sell for more than the listed price. Regardless of the seller’s listing price, you can bet the homeowner will choose the highest qualified offer and the deal is done!

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What about the other homes? Perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider buying one of those homes that have been on the market a while. While it’s true the good homes usually sell fast, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find a terrific home that’s been on the market for a month or two! Sometimes this can be a challenge, but it may also be an opportunity for the home buyer’s to get a good deal. In this instance, knowing the home sellers motivation might provide that small bit of leverage needed for success.

It never hurts to learn the true nature of the home seller’s motivation. Having this information may even turn out to be an advantage and could make all the difference in having your offer accepted. Learning the true nature of the home seller’s motivation to sell may enable you to make an emotional connection and might prove very helpful later.

How to Discover Home Seller’s Motivation

  • First, double check how long the home has been on the market.
  • Ask a kid! Children can be a wonderful source of information. While visiting the home, ask the first kid you see if he or she knows why the owners are moving.
  • While visiting the home look beyond the surface. Is some furniture missing? Has the homeowner already partially moved? This could indicate they will soon be carrying two mortgages.
  • Is the home clean and in “move in” condition or does it need a little TLC? This could mean the seller is strapped financially.
  • Look for family photos. Does the homeowner have adult children. This could mean the home is an empty nest and the seller’s are anxious to move to their retirement dream home.
  • Check out social media. Quite often homebuyer’s can find a treasure of information by viewing the seller’s social media pages.

Instant Equity?

It’s even possible, by learning the home sellers motivation, buyers could end up getting the home at a great price and even earn a little instant equity! Wouldn’t that be neat?

Here’s a good tip to remember when doing business with anyone. Anytime we can make an emotional connection with those persons whom we are doing business, we gain an advantage. You never know, but if there are three qualified but similar offers on the table, having made that connection may very well lead to success.


The most effective way to learn the homeowner’s motivation is to just pay attention and ask questions! Sometimes it’s not even necessary to ask. Just open the eyes, have a look around and you’ll see the answer. Now, use this information to your advantage and buy that perfect home!

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about how the home seller’s motivation equals home buyer’s advantage.

Selling Your Home By Owner or Using a Realtor?

In the real estate world, when a homeowner is selling a home themselves, we refer to it as FSBO. If you are a homeowner and planning to sell your home on your own, you might want to consider a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors.

Challenges-for-DIY-Homeowners-in-Santa-ClaritaA couple years back a survey revealed, the typical for sale by owner home sold for $46,000 less than homes sold with Realtor® assistance. Although the survey is slightly dated and includes the entire country, the percentages are valid! At the time the survey revealed, on average, FSBO homes sold for $184,000. During the same time period, homes sold by a Realtor® at a price of $230,000. That’s a pretty good chunk of change but well worth considering if planning to sell your own home here in greater Los Angeles areas.

Today we won’t be covering arguments for or against FSBO’s. At iRealty we can be more helpful by sharing some of the challenges homeowners are faced when selling their homes in the Los Angeles area, and all of Southern California.

Things Homeowners Should Consider Before Moving Forward With a FSBO

  • Make sure you really have the time to devote to all aspects of the sale. Selling a home can be a daunting task and if it’s a FSBO, it’s even more time consuming.
  • Setting the Right Price! This is critical and the homeowner must depersonalize their feelings and get the price right!  Getting the price right at the start, can and will make or break the sale. When homes first come on the market they are interesting and attract attention. They are immediately scrutinized for market value, and if it’s discovered the price is too far above the mark, it will be avoided. Even if lowering the price later, the home has lost it’s new listing appeal and will be ignored. It will never be a new listing again, unless it’s taken off the market and brought back at a later date.
  • If you don’t have a good understanding or a background in real estate, you’ll need to research the required paperwork and understand how to perform it. Even if you do have some real estate market experience, here in California there are always changes and it can be difficult to keep up.
  • Preparing the home for sale. It’s important homeowners know of which home improvements pay off, and which don’t. Be sure to research your market before performing any home improvements. Certainly, you want to present your home in the best light possible, but be very careful not to throw your money away in the process.
  • Helping Your Buyer Obtain Financing. Even if it’s a FSBO home sale, there are ways homeowners can help prospective home buyers obtain loan pre-approval and financing.
  • Consider how to attract qualified buyers to view your home. Homeowner’s must plan on advertising, but this won’t help in making sure buyers are actually qualified. Put a solid plan in place and work out how to keep out the window shoppers.
  • Marketing Plan and Execution. Perhaps, one of the toughest hurdles is how homeowners can attract buyers without the help of the local Multiple Listing Service.There are ways to have the home included, but it can be costly, and that’s exactly what a FSBO is trying to avoid.
  • Time Frame! If there’s a selling deadline, homeowners must build their sales plan to to fit their schedule.

In summary, homeowners should plan to take the time needed obtain the knowledge before moving forward with their FSBO. Then, they’ll need to make themselves available and have the time needed to devote to the process, from start to finish. There will be expenses involved and FSBO’s attract plenty of annoying, unneeded attention. It’s never easy, so be prepared for a tough road ahead.

10 Reasons To Sell Your Santa Clarita Home

There are many reasons for selling a home and we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons to sell your Santa Clarita home. Some homeowners sell and move often, while others stay in the same home for years. Santa Clarita residents might find it surprising, the average United States homeowner sells their home every five to seven years. We’re not sure what the statistic is for Santa Clarita but our guess is, we stay in our homes longer than the national average.

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Santa Clarita is full of family occupied homes, and homeowners with children tend to stay in their homes longer. Some stay in one home almost their entire lives, while others are quite mobile. Who ever said a person should stay in one home for 30 years? In fact, buying another home can be great fun, and a change in our environment might be good for us. We spoke with several top iRealty team members and discovered the most often heard 10 reasons why Santa Clarita homeowners sell.

  • School Districts – In Santa Clarita we have GREAT public schools! Still, many of our children are sports crazy, and sometimes the parents are too! They will even sell their homes to move a few blocks over so their child can attend a particular school and play a specific sport!
  • Too close to Schools. Living very near schools have pros and cons. Sometimes homeowner’s get way more than they bargained once they get a dose of the traffic associated with living near a school, especially a high school.
  • Homeowner’s Association Problems! HOA’s are common in our area, but some can be darn tough to live with. If unaccustomed to the HOA Rules and Regulations new residents can find them a bit too restrictive. The only solution is to get out!
  • Job Transfer! This is nothing new, and here in Santa Clarita we get more residents relocating into the area than the other way around.
  • Move Up – This is common everywhere but we see it often locally because we do have many families in the area. Three bedrooms isn’t enough so, mom and dad move up to a larger home!
  • Empty Nest. Yep, why stay in a home with five bedrooms when the kids are gone? Tip – Before selling, make sure the kids really are gone before selling. It’s not uncommon for them to move back home a time or two before settling down. Also, if you do move, make sure you have an extra room for the grandchildren.
  • Neighborhood Deterioration – This doesn’t happen too often in Santa Clarita, mostly due to the large number of HOA’s. Regardless, not every neighborhood has a HOA and there are a very few that could use some revitalization.
  • Equity – Some homeowner’s take the money and run! You can’t blame them, but don’t forget about that little thing called taxes. For as much as we all complain about our mortgage payments, we do get a big tax break on the interest.
  • Health Problems – What happens if you live in a two story home with all the bedrooms up, and because of physical problems you can no longer make it up the stairs? Yep, it’s time to find something more suitable.
  • Home Maintenance – Homes need constant repairs and upgrades, but not everyone is interested in keeping their homes in tip top shape. Sometimes it’s just easier to sell and let someone else deal with it!

Whatever the reason for selling a home, it’s a personal decision. When the time comes to sell, iRealty is always available to help out. We provide free real estate consultations and residents need not fear any sales pressure whatsoever. Santa Clarita is our home community and our highly regarded team members are your local real estate experts.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the 10 reasons to sell your Santa Clarita home.