Find Out What Your Home is Worth

By: iRealty Santa Clarita

How to Find Out What Your Home is Worth
If interested in learning the approximate value of your home or property and find out what your home is worth, owners can use our convenient online home evaluation tool. It’s completely free, available for use 24/7 and, there’s no need to speak directly with an agent if not ready to do so. Please keep in mind, using the online tool is great, but it will only return an approximate value, so consumers should understand it is only an estimate. The home evaluation is determined by comparing general information about your property against comparable real estate properties recently sold in the same geographic location. For a more accurate evaluation it’s highly suggested to invite an iRealty team member to view your property and perform a walk through. Once complete, he or she can do the appropriate research and and provide the homeowner with an accurate evaluation report indicating the current market value of the property. It’s always best to speak with a professional, especially about home values.
What Information is Needed for the Evaluation?
In order for homeowners to find out what their home is worth please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Address including Zip Code
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Square footage of home, including garage
  • Short message stating general improvements and general condition of home
  • Name, email

Find out what your home is worth! Fill out the form and receive an e mail with your evaluationRequest a Home Evaluation
If you’re considering selling your home or property of any kind, we advise using caution before commencing with any improvements. Generally, when selling a home it’s more presentable if the property is neat, clean and freshly painted using neutral colors. Anything beyond that could be a waste of money. Remember, one aspect of real estate sales always remains the same. We’ve all heard it many times before but it remains the primary factor in determining your home’s value. location, location, location!