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iRealty Agents Keep More of their Commission

Keep More of Your Commission

STOP giving large percentages of your commission to your broker! iRealty agents pay one low flat fee for each transaction. It's a huge savings!

iRealty Team Collaboration

Collaborative Work Environment

We believe in collaborating together as a team to solve problems and improve our services. We talk with you, rather than at you!

Re-invest Commission Savings in Your Business

Reinvest Commission Savings in Your Business

Since you'll save more of your commissions, you'll have plenty of funds remaining to re-invest in your business, creating even more future income!

irealty Real Estate Technology Innovation

Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation

As an iRealty team, we embrace innovation and technology to benefit all. We use technology to deliver a unique and personalized client experience.

About Us

iRealty is built around the belief, "in the absence of value, price becomes an issue."

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Our Team

Bryan Frieders is the broker of record and provides ongoing training and support.

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We are Southern CA real estate brokers representing consumers to buy and sell real estate.

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Agents Move Up to iRealty!

If you are a realtor and interested in taking your business to the next level, joining our iRealty team is likely the best possible option. Most important, we're committed to providing the basic broker services our realtors need, but without taking a large chunk of their commissions.

As a team we spend more time selling or doing the things we love, and less time working on transactions. That's another reason why all our transactions are 100% paperless! Some of our team members even complete all their transactions on their ipads. At iRealty, we refuse to fall behind the times and we continue to move forward, remaining at the front of the pack.

As realtors ourselves, we're well aware of the financial impact we experience when having to pay such a large percentage of our hard earned commissions back to our broker. Certainly, there are benefits and some brokers do offer a good amount of support and training. Still, you don't need to do the math to see, it just doesn't add up! Even after massaging the numbers, it becomes painfully obvious the amounts paid by the realtors to their brokers is often much too excessive. Think about it. If it's training and inspiration you need, it's all available online and it's usually free!

At iRealty we do things differently than most brokers. Instead of taking a 20% or 30% percentage of each transaction, we require only a low flat rate amount for each transaction closed. It doesn't matter the amount of the sale price, the flat rate is always the same. It goes without saying, our team members are thrilled to keep the lions share of each of their commissions and we have a growing group of very happy iRealty team members.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to the future, we plan for plenty of growth and opportunity! We have viable plans and goals in place to continually grow and see future iRealty locations opening throughout the greater Los Angeles area, the state of California and the United States.

If you are an agent interested in being part of our unique, more collaborative business environment, while keeping most of your commission, we should talk! Keep in mind, we don't automatically accept new realtors to our team and we feel it's important we are a good fit for each new team member. To learn more about joining our iRealty team please contact us and we'll arrange a meeting. See you then!